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'To create beauty, one must choose their beauty brands wisely. When I asked celebrity make up artist Troy Jensen about the makeup brands he used the most, he told me "Benefit, Jouer, Girlactik Beauty, Three Custom Color, SUSAN POSNICK and Revlon are my must-haves." '
Sarah Afshar

Make up for Women on the Go Susan Posnick Cosmetics
Susan Posnick makes beauty simple for women of all ages and all lifestyles, by offering a line of make up that combines unique formulations with innovative portable packaging. Whether you’re a glamorous jet setter, a working woman, or a full time mum, Susan Posnick Cosmetics is the simple solution for busy women who want to put their best face forward in the least amount of time.

Susan enjoyed an exciting 20 year career as a professional make up artist, working with models and celebrities across the globe. In 1999 she came face to face with a new challenge, skin cancer, and on recovery set aside her work to develop a make-up range with substantial sun protection that would not feel heavy or melt in the heat.