We are very fortunate at venus inspired to be in partnership with some of the worlds leading beauty, body and clinical brands.

We often experiment with combinations of treatments to see which treatments will give us the best results.

One of our greatest challenges has been targeting cellulite.

For nearly 2 years I have been trying different combinations and the most successful has been the combination of the Gerards Seaweed Thermal treatment followed by the Bioslimming treatment.

The actions and benefits of the two treatments combined prove to be the most effective cellulite busting results I have seen.

So much so, that we have started offering the treatment to our venus guests.

Our client Lauren O’Shea recently tried the Seaweed - Bioslim treatment and she wanted to share her views after having just one treatment. The treatment was performed on the bottom and thigh area.


2 hours £165



“Hi Katina,

I just wanted to tell you that on your recommendation I did the seaweed wrap then bioslim treatment yesterday to try & shift the pudge I'd acquired after a 2 week holiday in the USA!!

I am amazed!!!

My thighs look better than they have EVER looked even after 12 Hypoxi session or even after 6 bioslims!

I am in love with this treatment combo. Today I am wearing shorts & I never ever wear them in the UK, only on holiday. & I keep going to my mirror & looking in wonderment at the absence of cellulite!!! I don't know how long they will look like this for, but I hope it's as long as possible!

Thanks for the recommend. You are a genius!!

Love Lauren x”