It All Began In Woodford On 16th October 2006

Since opening it’s doors to the public, Venus Inspired has gone through a number of transformations in order to get to a comfortable decorative stage. We first had what we thought was the ideal counter/reception, but that soon showed to be too small and impractical.

The second reception of V1 (Woodford) is much better suited, yet even that has been improved upon with the new Venus Inspired Chigwell branch. Simple things such as draws, pigeon holes, slides shelves have made working more practical.

At the end of the corridor shower facility is situated in room 3 of V1. The couch of this room is solid timber base (new hydraulic couch in May 2010) Front end are rooms 1 and 2

Manicure treatments used to be carried out on what we thought was an appropriate table situated in the passage.


How things change huh. 


It was originally thought that these shelves would be adequate for the retail supplies, but what did we know. The retail area is now known (as said by clients) as the “Tuck shop.”  

2008 brought increase in products which meant more shelf space. These shelves are now also in the passageway 2010 style