Omorovicza Budapest Mineral Cosmetology TM

If you're not familiar with Omorovicza then here's a little background for you. It hails from Budapest and The Omorovicza story began over 2, 000 years ago, when the curative properties of Hungary’s thermal waters were first discovered.


Inspired by the healing powers of Hungary's famous thermal baths, Omorovicza harnesses the skin-transforming benefits of this ancient health and beauty phenomenon into their beauty products.
Omorovicza ignites the rejuvenating power of mineral-rich thermal waters with Mineral Cosmetology, their patented delivery system that enables a potent blend of minerals to be absorbed by the skin in unprecedented levels. 

Founders Margaret and Stephen de Heinrich de Omorovicza were fascinated by the effect Hungary's thermal waters had on their skin and decided there's no better place to develop their products than in the world's international spa city, Budapest. Why? The earth's crust is thinner there, which allows the waters to absorb beneficial minerals more effectively. Explore the formulas and experience a beauty phenomenon.

Loved by beauty editors, the range quickly earned an international following and has appeared on the pages of numerous glossy magazines. Meanwhile, Omorovicza products and treatments are now available at some of the world’s leading stores and spa destinations.